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Cold Weather Testing Division

Why Us?

Yellowknife is is commonly known for its cold weather.  The average winter temperature sits at -25 Celsius and it's not uncommon to have temperatures lower than -40 often for weeks at a time.  Yellowknife is a central hub for the territory, with many flights and road access, making it logistically simpler to operate out of.

Site Selection

We can ensure your test site is available to the specifications you need.  If we cannot find you a suitable site, we are most likely able to create it for you.  When you require preparations such as cold weather shelters, we can have them set up in advance so you can be greeted by a ready-to-go test site.

Snow clearing pad.png
A Breadth of Experience

Cold weather experiments don't have to be cold. Wilderness Survival instructors, First Aid medical staff, and specialized equipment rentals are available to ensure you stay both warm and safe.   

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